EDITORIAL: The Truth Behind F*** Joe Biden Chants


Kay Smythe Contributor
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America has a new national anthem: “F*** Joe Biden!”

This is closely followed by a chorus of “Let’s Go Brandon!”

The chant originated at college football games. Since then, the “F*** Joe Biden” chants have echoed out across stadiums, arenas, concerts, protests and the entirety of the U.S. as a new form of national unity. It’s a timeless phrase focused on the absolute shambles that our nation is going through. Whether it be mandates forcing people from their jobs, empty shelves in grocery stores, or the border crisis, America has a lot to say “F*** You” about.

A majority of the videos found online come from younger users, predominantly from the Millennial and Gen Z generations. It used to be that the Democrats were the “cool” party, who were down-with-the-kids. They were the rebels, the hippies, the rock stars. Their dependency on young people, women and minorities was essential to their success.


They’re hemorrhaging trust and respect from all demographics around the country. In less than a year of President Joe Biden in office, he has done irrevocable damage to the Democrat brand and the country alike.

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