Greg Gutfeld: ‘If America Were A Patient, This White House Would Be Happy To Smother It With A Pillow’

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Vinh Chung Author, 'Where the Wind Leads'
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Wednesday that if America were a patient in a hospital, “this White House would be happy to smother it with a pillow.”

Gutfeld told his cohosts on “The Five” that President Joe Biden’s response to every situation was to put the blame on the American people when things did not go the say he wanted them to. (RELATED: ‘Anything I’m Doing At 4 In The Morning Can’t Be Good’: Fox Panel Blasts Biden Admin For ‘Hiding’ Illegal Immigrant Flights)


Cohost Dana Perino began the segment by saying that Biden appeared to be catering to the far left.

“Yesterday after they had that meeting the progressives were very gracious and generous, and said, ‘Oh, he is the closer, he’s the best.’ And the moderates said nothing,” she said.

“Oh, you know what? You guys are all wrong,” Gutfeld replied. “The solution here – it’s our fault. We have to lower our expectations, because it is on us, it is not on Joe, and how dare we expect competence from the government?”

“The overriding message from the White House for every problem has always been, ‘It’s on you, America,'” Gutfeld continued. “I am losing my patience with you, America, on COVID, saying, you don’t like waiting in line, you don’t like empty stores, you know what, get used to it, all right? This is the argument that prevailed in the Soviet Union. You don’t like the bread line, don’t wait in the bread line: starve. I’d wait in the bread line.”

Gutfeld went on to say that Americans were just being forced to deal with the decline because the government and media were insisting that it was “necessary.”

“It is not temporary, it is actually deserved, the pursuit of happiness is now an acceptance of fate and this is how countries decline and possibly die. It’s not in a bloody Civil War, it’s a revolution that is sold to you as progress when it is not,” Gutfeld concluded. “If America were a patient, this White House would be happy to smother it with a pillow and that’s a terrible analogy.”