REPORT: Government Had ‘Automated Deadly Force Countermeasures’ Ready In The Event People Tried To Storm Area 51

Area 51 (Credit: Shutterstock/Clayton Harrison)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The United States government was reportedly ready to spill blood in the event people had tried to storm Area 51.

A couple years ago, an event calling for people to storm the secretive military base in Nevada generated serious attention, but as expected, nobody was dumb enough to try to breach the base. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

What would have happened if a large group of people had gathered at the base near Lake Groom and attempted a raid? Well, we now know and it would have been bloody.

According to BroBible, documents by Property of the People and published by Rolling Stone give people a slight idea of what might have been waiting for them.

Rolling Stone wrote the following in part:

The documents show law-enforcement agencies feared that domestic or international terrorists might embed within the Storm Area 51 attendees; that a group of YouTubers got caught trying to track the movements of the official Area 51 employee bus; and that law enforcement prepared for possible exposure to nuclear and biological weapons. The documents also hint at the extreme level of security that protects Area 51: One government document describes ‘automated deadly force countermeasures’ in place to deal with intruders.

So, while we don’t have the full picture of what might have happened, it’s clear that whenever you start talking about “automated deadly force countermeasures,” you’re fixing to have a bad time.

Even if the automated weapons failed, there are plenty of other options the military would have. They could call in an airstrike, setup machine gun positions or roll out tanks.

No matter how you cut it, nobody would be successful. That much I can guarantee you. I don’t say that because it’s funny.

I say it because it’s 100% true. If there’s one thing our military doesn’t do, it’s play games with highly-classified materials.

Am I interested at what’s in Area 51? Yes. I’m a massive military nerd. Am I willing to get a bomb dropped on my head to find out? No chance in hell.