Teacher Calls Elderly Woman ‘Racist Piece Of S***’ For Not Wearing Mask During Kids Choir Concert


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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An Illinois public school teacher posted a TikTok using vulgar language to describe how she reported and name-called a “racist” “conservative” grandmother who refused to wear her face mask properly during a high school choir concert.

Geneva Community High School French teacher Toni Tortorello-Allaway posted a TikTok on Oct. 14 about an interaction she had with a high school alumnus and their parents. In the video, Tortorello-Allaway said she would “thrown down” with the alumnus’ parents, who are grandparents of a high school student participating in the choir concert.


According to the video, Tortorello-Allaway was asked to sell tickets at the door of the choir concert. The teacher allegedly encountered an alumnus who she dubbed a “conservative asshole” and his parents, the grandparents of a child at the concert, who allegedly were not wearing face masks.

“Grandpa and grandma show up and they aren’t wearing masks. And I’m like, mmm, we have a mandate here in the state of Illinois. An indoor mask mandate,” Tortorello-Allaway said. “And I’m like, am I going to have to f***ing throw down with this b****?”

The grandparents allegedly “b*tch[ed] and moan[ed]” about wearing the masks and said that those who still wear masks are “living in fear.”

When the 45-year-old French teacher took her seat to watch the choir concert, she was allegedly sitting in front of the alumnus and grandparents. The grandmother allegedly had her mask hanging off one of her ears.

“So after I’m done selling tickets, I walk in and sit with my family, and this f***ing family is sitting behind me and I’m like mother f***er,” Tortorello-Allaway said. She proceeded to inform “school personnel” about the grandmother’s refusal to wear the mask. The school made an announcement asking audience members to wear their masks properly.

“So old bitty grandma huffs and puffs and she’s all pissed off. Fine. Whatever,” Tortorello-Allaway said in the video. “F*** around and find out. I will throw down with you.”

The teacher goes on to describe how the high school choir sang a line about “fighting misogyny and racism.” The grandmother allegedly leaned over to her daughter, the mother of one of the students, and said, ‘did they just say that?’”

At the end of the concert, students sang the “Black National Anthem,” which allegedly prompted the grandmother to leave the auditorium. Tortorello-Allaway dubbed the grandmother a “racist piece of s***” for her actions.

“What do you think asshole grandma did? She was so appalled, she actually got up and walked out, while they were singing,” the teacher said. “You aren’t even trying to hide what a racist piece of s*** you are, are you? How dare you act like this? F*** you.” (RELATED: Iowa Teacher Goes On Wild Rant About Not Being Able To Teach CRT)

A small group of people voiced their negative opinions about the teacher’s rant, including Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Gary Rabine who explicitly called on the district to fire Tortorello-Allaway.

“Like most Illinoisans who watched this video, I am disturbed and disgusted that these ugly and dehumanizing words came from a taxpayer-funded public-school teacher,” Rabine said. “Toni Tortorello-Allaway should be nowhere near children, much less instructing them.”

A petition has also been kickstarted. It calls on the district to “take disciplinary actions and curb this type of hateful rhetoric before it spreads through the district.”

Tortorello-Allaway set her TikTok account to private after the rant was posted on Twitter. It is unclear whether the teacher has removed the video from her account.

Geneva School District did not respond to The Daily Caller’s multiple requests for comment.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story reported that Toni Tortorello-Allaway taught at Glenbard South High School. The copy has been corrected to note she works at Geneva Community High School.