ESPN Reporter Allison Williams Says Her Doctor Backtracked On Medical Exemption Due To Political ‘Pressure’

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Former ESPN reporter Allison Williams said her doctor backtracked on a medical exemption for the vaccine due to political “pressure.”

During Sirius XM’s “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Thursday Williams said her “religious accommodation” at ESPN was denied, but originally her doctor said he supported her but backtracked on giving her the exemption. Allison left the sports network over the vaccine mandate as she ‘s trying to have a second child. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Says She Left ‘Son’s School’ After Boys Were Asked Weekly If They’re ‘Still Sure’ They Were Boys)

“So, in my conversations with my doctors, I expressed my concerns and he understood them, he supported them,” the sports reporter explained to Megyn Kelly. “He said, ‘absolutely whatever you need from a medical exemption, support-wise we will do for you. I one hundred percent support agree with your decision not to get this vaccine. It’s a very little benefit for someone like you.'” (RELATED: ‘I’m So Sick Of This Bullsh*t’: Megyn Kelly Slams Biden, Fauci Over Vaccine And Mask Mandates)


“I live in CA and this state has made it very, very difficult for medical professionals to write exemptions for masks or vaccines and they put a lot of pressure on our doctors,” she added. “And when I reached out to follow up with my doctor’s assistant to request the information needed for my medical exemption, she said ‘let me get back to you…because there are so many women requesting this.” (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“And they ultimately decided as a clinic that they would not write any exemptions,” Williams continued. “I was heartbroken. I had already started the process of applying for a medical exemption with ESPN and I was told I would be supported.”

The former sports broadcaster said her doctors office said they “were sorry” but that they couldn’t as a clinic subject themselves “to the scrutiny that essentially will come with writing these exemptions.”

“Do you see what they are doing to people?” Allison said. “They’re essentially taking away what they believe is best for you because of the bureaucracy and the pressure that happens when you involve politics and medicine.”

“And this is a really dangerous space to occupy,” she added. “And it scares me that people are not only supporting this but encouraging it. Medical decisions need to be for individuals not for the population en mass.”

Williams recently posted a video on Instagram where she explained why she was leaving ESPN.

She said she was fighting for the unvaccinated but also for those that support the mandates because “there will come a time when the government or corporations mandate” them “to get something that does not align with” their values…”and when that day comes” she wants them to know she at least fought and tried.