‘He Takes Questions All The Time!’: Deputy Press Secretary Rebuffs Reporter Who Calls Out Biden’s Basement Act


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White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said Thursday that President Joe Biden “takes questions all the time,” pushing back against a reporter who asked if the president could hold a formal press conference.

“I’m sure there have been dozens who would humbly request that the president of the United States not only do a town hall, but show up, either in this room or in the East Room, to appear before the full press for a robust round of questions that will no doubt benefit the American public,” White House reporter Brian Karem said.

“But, Brian, he takes questions all the time. All the time,” Jean-Pierre responded. (RELATED: Biden’s Comms Director Claims ‘The President Never Shies Away From Taking Questions’)

The president has sat down with the press for extended one-on-one interviews only 10 times since the beginning of his term. Former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump had done 131 and 57 such interviews at similar points of their presidency, respectively.

At a late September Oval Office meeting between Biden and U.K. Prime Minister, White House aides shouted down American pool reporters who attempted to ask the American president about the crisis at the southern border.

The president walked away from an Aug. 20 press conference despite a cacophony of questions from the attending reporters.

Biden also refused to answer a question on Afghanistan and promptly left the podium Sept. 29 after delivering remarks at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters.