‘The David Hookstead Show’: NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Talks COVID-19 Hysteria, His Decision To Not Get Vaccinated And Why He Stands For The National Anthem

Jonathan Isaac (Credit: Daily Caller)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Welcome to the Thursday episode of “The David Hookstead Show,” and we have a very special interview with Jonathan Isaac.

The Orlando Magic forward and former sixth overall pick in the NBA draft recently went viral for his comments regarding the COVID-19  vaccine and his decision to not get vaccinated.

Naturally, I had to reach out and speak with him myself. Of all the interviews I’ve done, there’s no question at all that Jonathan is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever spoken with.

Fire up the interview below. You’re going to love his thoughts on COVID-19 hysteria and why he stands for the anthem.

It’s great to see a man who is clearly passionate about an issue, but doesn’t speak down to anyone or show any hatred.

As I said in the interview, the fact he shows no animosity towards those who have lied about him and attacked him is truly impressive.

There’s no doubt at all Jonathan Isaac is wise beyond his years.

It was a pleasure speaking with Jonathan and I have no doubt his future in the NBA is incredibly bright! Hopefully, he continues to carve out his own place in the league and in society. We could certainly use more impressive and passionate guys like him.