Drug Traffickers Caught

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The Daily Caller visited the Tucson Sector southern border wall in Arizona on Monday, and witnessed U.S. Customs and Border Protections (CBP) apprehending a group of three camouflaged drug runners.

Daily Caller reporters encountered multiple ways that the cartels enter the U.S. through the Tucson Sector to smuggle narcotics and migrants, including rope-like material that is used to climb over the wall. There were several makeshift ropes, and trails were seen on the Mexican side of the border leading up to the ropes.

There was a section of the wall with a gap big enough for people to crawl underneath. Reporters also noticed that cartels have cut through the barbed wire in many spots throughout the Tucson Sector in order to climb through it with rope-like material.

There is a nearby railroad within 50 yards from the wall. Traffickers that exit trains only have to travel two to three miles before reaching the interstate 80 highway in Arizona and getting picked up by their partners in the U.S.

Official CBP reports indicate that the Tucson Sector has seen a 223% increase in single adult encounters, from 21,189 the 2020 fiscal year to 68,436 in the 2021 fiscal year.


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