‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself!’: Hero Marine Gets Surprised Laugh Out Of Dana Perino During Live Interview

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Dana Perino couldn’t hold back the laugh when Marine veteran James Kilcer ended his Friday interview by saying, “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

Kilcer, who stopped an armed would-be robber at an Arizona convenience store, joined “America’s Newsroom” to discuss what happened and how he jumped into action at just the right time. (RELATED: ‘He Doesn’t Have Any Juice’: Dana Perino Says Tanking Poll Numbers May Be Forcing Biden To Side With The Far Left)


Kilcer said that he had been talking to the clerk, a man he knew fairly well, trying to convince him to leave that job and come to work with him. He was just turning to leave when he heard the door open “real aggressively.”

“At that point, you know, the spidey senses kinda tingled a little bit and I looked over and saw one person with a gun and they started yelling open the register,” Kicer said. “Kind of did a quick sweep, saw two other guys without no other weapons and decided that’s the guy I’m gonna hit.”

“You grab the gun which I think is obviously brave and is part of your training as a Marine. What was in the bag? What was in the bag you hit him with?” Perino asked.

“Two Gatorades, two energy drinks and a snack. I didn’t even know the bag was still attached to my body at that point. Completely unaware. I was going to take control of his head and the gun at the same time and the bag just happened to be heavy and attached to me and it smashed him right in the face,” Kilcer continued.

The store clerk jumped over the counter then, running outside to see where the other two had gone when they ran out of the store.

“He has to be glad you are one of the regular customers and there at the time. Maybe a word about your military service and the training that you have that will serve you well – and the rest of us – for the rest of your life,” Perino added.

Kilcer said that while the military training and muscle memory had certainly helped him take control of the situation, the most important thing was simply to be prepared.

“I take my personal safety and the safety of others around me pretty seriously on a regular basis. So just being in the right mindset of if this happens – once it happened it was — I was mentally prepared. Did what had to be done,” he said.

“If anybody sees James out there buy him either an energy drink, I think Monster is your preferred one or a beer if you want one,” Perino said with a smile as she moved to close out the interview.

“I’ll take a beer, please,” Kilcer said.

“Get him a beer, everybody, and I would love to buy you one as well, on me, in Yuma, Arizona. Thank you so much, James,” Perino said.

“Remember, Epstein didn’t kill himself,” Kilcer said as Perino cut away, laughing.

“Ok, got it. Very clever,” Perino said.