‘There’s No Head On This Horseman’: Greg Gutfeld Mocks ‘Wokesters’ Who Have No Solutions When Things Go Sideways

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld mocked the “wokesters” who focused on race and pronouns but had no real solutions when things started to go sideways.

Gutfeld said on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five” that President Joe Biden was in trouble because he was allowing the left-wing of the Democratic Party to drive his administration – and “the woke left contingent controlling him has no solution in a time of crisis.” (RELATED: ‘Anything I’m Doing At 4 In The Morning Can’t Be Good’: Fox Panel Blasts Biden Admin For ‘Hiding’ Illegal Immigrant Flights)


“The Biden White House has become the home that forgot to buy Halloween candy. So they’re turning out the lights and pretending they’re not really there, right? Mayor Pete is under the bed. Kamala is in the closet. He’s out in the backyard talking to a bush. You know, there’s no head on this horseman,” Gutfeld began.

“The only thing I can think of, he – maybe he hasn’t realized this. We’ve realized this. The woke left contingent that’s controlling him has no solution in a time of crisis. Diversity training, pronouns, racial politics. You can dabble in that stuff when times are great,” Gutfeld continued. “But when times aren’t great, they suck.”

Gutfeld went on to say that Biden’s dependence on the left-wing of the party appeared to leave him at a loss when there are major issues to deal with.

“You actually do kind of need moderate Democrats and Republicans to help you out. Without them, you can’t require – you can’t expect wokesters to operate heavy machinery,” he added. “There’s nothing in Saul Alinsky’s playbook about inflation or tax rates or supply chain issues. Right? It’s only about ridicule and race. That’s where we are.”

Co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery agreed, adding, “It’s bad if they don’t have an answer to one of these things, but that fact that they don’t have an answer to any of them and all of them are happening at once … God help us.”