EXCLUSIVE: NBA Star Jonathan Isaac Reacts To The Lies And Misinformation Being Spread About His Vaccine Stance

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Orlando Magic forward Jonathan Isaac had a very thoughtful reaction to the hate and lies being spread about him.

Prior to his press conference talking about not being vaccinated, Rolling Stone published an article painting his vaccine stance in a MAGA-light and wrote, “When NBA players started lining up for shots in March, Isaac started studying Black history and watching Donald Trump’s press conferences. He learned about antibody resistance and came to distrust Dr. Anthony Fauci.”

During our exclusive interview, I asked Isaac his thoughts about being misrepresented by the media and on social media.

“Why does this have to happen if it’s just about public health? Why do I need to be misrepresented if it’s just about protecting people? You would think that in such a time when they’re going crazy about people dying and this being so catastrophic, they’d want to do their best to share the opinions and thoughts of people they’re asking questions of authentically and truthfully, but that wasn’t the case,” Isaac explained when talking about the lies spread about him.

You can watch his full comments below.

Again, if you haven’t already seen the entire interview with Isaac, I can’t recommend it enough. He’s a brilliant and refreshing man. There’s no doubt his future is incredibly bright.