EDITORIAL: Woke Pronoun Madness Hits An Absolute Peak During #NationalPronounDay, See For Yourself


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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As if we weren’t inundated with enough pedantry from the woke left, recently we had National Pronoun Day.

I have no idea why there is such an obsession with pronouns, but the characters in my latest video do a great job of explaining it all.

Watch it here:

Now, not to rant or anything, but this pronoun thing seems like an excessive waste of time. While I have total respect for anyone who wants to refer to themselves as anything, I feel like focusing on gender pronouns is just another source of misery for those expecting the rest of us to keep up.

Some of the people in the above videos seem far too young to have settled into an identity, and should probably be focusing on education, entrepreneurship, physical fitness, literally anything else but how people choose to refer to them. The core characters, referring to themselves as “it” and “demon” are more cringe than me during my short-lived goth days. As I say in the video, I feel like a lot of these people lacked the necessary stress and pressure from their parents to develop into good, hard working citizens.

Many people posting these videos all over the internet are going to have hellishly negative long-term impacts on employability. My hope is that many of them grow out of these blatant fads, whereas others just calm down and appreciate that it is no one’s responsibility to change for them. In a decade, we’ll have a good laugh about when pronouns were the trend.

Then again, a lot of celebrities are jumping on the pronoun bandwagon.

Megyn Kelly was recently blasted for “misgendering” Demi Lovato, who identifies as they/them, as “her,” which is a very easy mistake to make. Why Lovato changed her pronouns is not particularly discussed. My assumption is Lovato was in a brief attention lull, and changed her pronouns as a means of grabbing the attention of the headlines. Again.

Remember when artists used to create art in order to get our attention? I miss those days.

Anyway, whilst pronouns is still a thing, I’ll be using them as a means of avoiding people who post them in their social media profiles.

Many thanks to @libsoftiktok for the streamlined aggregation of these pronoun dictators.

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