‘Liberals, Really?’: Bill Maher Warns Liberals They Won’t Win The ‘I Want You Dead’ War

(Screenshot/YouTube/Real Time with Bill Maher)

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HBO host Bill Maher warned liberals Friday of the possibility of a full-blown civil war that they were “going to lose” if the current state of polarization of American society was not mended.

Maher complained about liberals at his stand-up performances who periodically shouted “kill them” or “hang them” when referring to former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

“You know, besides the fact that wishing people dead is a terrible place for your mind to be. If you’re wishing them dead, you can be sure they’re wishing you dead,” Maher said.

“You want a real war, liberals? Really?” the host inquired. (RELATED: ‘I’m Team Dave’: Bill Maher Defends Free Speech And Dave Chapelle After Netflix Protest)

He then suggested that liberals would stand no chance of winning the “I want you dead” war, adding that conservatives “have way more guns and they know how to use them.”

“And with all due respect, no one can do hate like a right-wing conservative,” Maher quipped, at which his audience laughed.

The HBO host shared a recent conversation he had with a Bosnian taxi driver in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who he said pointed out to Maher how alarmingly similar the current situation in the U.S. was to the political climate in the lead up to the tragic civil war in his country.

“Take it down a notch. Can we start with that?” Maher said. “It’s up to all of us, right, left and center to fix this by de-escalating.”