‘Why Would I Tell You That Now?’: Pelosi Balks At Question About Plans To Run For Re-Election


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stonewalled CNN anchor Jake Tapper during a Sunday morning interview, refusing to clue him in on her future plans.

Tapper asked Pelosi several times whether she planned to run for re-election – and she shrugged him off each time, ultimately saying that she would be discussing it with her family before she discussed it with him. (RELATED: Pelosi Blames Media For Not Doing ‘Better Job Of Selling’ Democrats’ Massive Spending Package)


Tapper mentioned the filibuster and the fact that President Joe Biden, during a Thursday evening town hall with Anderson Cooper, had signaled his own willingness to support a carveout that would allow a new voting rights act to bypass the 60-vote threshold and avoid a Republican filibuster.

“It’s fundamental to our democracy. Now mind you, just to remind, when what’s his name was president was – and the Republicans were in power,” Pelosi replied.

“Donald Trump?” Tapper prompted.

“Mitch McConnell pulled back the filibuster to enable, with simple majorities, three justice to go to the Supreme Court for life. You would think that they could pull it back for the American people to have the vote in a way –”

“So you’re on board with that –” Tapper interrupted.

“I’m on board, it’s the most the important vote -” Pelosi responded.

“You’re leading the way… Are you going to run for re-election?” Tapper asked.

“You think I’m going to make an announcement right here and now?” Pelosi appeared to be taken aback.

“Yeah. Why not? You’re going to run for re-election, though, yes?” Tapper asked again, prompting a laugh from Pelosi.

“Why would I tell you that now?” Pelosi pushed back again, still laughing.

“It’s not just me, it’s the American people, the world, it’s an international show,” Tapper continued to press.

“I probably would have that conversation with my family first, if you don’t mind,” Pelosi said.

“Thank you so much. Best of luck with the legislation,” Tapper said, giving up on the question. “I know it’s a heavy lift.”