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According To Jose Ardon, Success Comes Through Vision And Personal Commitment

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For people living in poverty, the lives of the rich often seem far out of reach. When your day-to-day reality is one of a continual struggle to meet even basic necessities, it’s hard to believe anything better exists. But Jose Ardon, knowing nothing but poverty his whole life, started questioning the fundamental differences between the poor and the rich at a young age.

When Jose was 17, he moved to America and started gaining work experience in a variety of industries, from food service to construction, and everything in between. Jose’s life changed in 2004 when he was introduced to Network Marketing. “I remember hearing a story from a motivational speaker about how his life was transformed and how he had become a millionaire through direct selling, having the freedom to be his own boss while earning residual income. That same time, I told myself I will become a millionaire, or I will die trying, but I will never give up,” says Jose Ardon.

That’s when Jose set his first goal of making $120,000 over the next year. Once he crushed that goal before the year was over, he wanted to aim higher. Seeing what was so easily attainable, Jose pushed the limits with an impressive goal of earning $10 million before his 30th birthday. At age 27, he deposited his first million, and he completed his $10 million goal before he turned 30.

Even among a time of whirlwind success, Jose never forgets where he came from. In fact, he has given back by gifting his parents a house and a car, and he plans to help other people find the same success he has earned. Along his path, Jose has accepted an Executive Vice President of BE position. “We know that there are always visionary people in the world; however, BE founders are more than committed to their vision. For me, it has been the best vision I have ever come across in my 15 years of experience doing businesses,” says Jose Ardon.

Jose will also return home and turn the “American Dream” into the “Latin Dream,” as he teaches his community the same principles that brought him success. He is determined to change the world through his commitment to make an impact and show others that a better life awaits them.

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