EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Blackburn Demands Answers On Collaboration Between White House, National School Board Association

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Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn sent a letter Tuesday to President Joe Biden demanding the White House explain its communications with the National School Board Association (NBSA) after Attorney General Merrick Garland released a memorandum directing the FBI to target the growing movement of parents protesting school boards.

The Daily Caller first obtained the letter to Biden, where she asks who initiated the communications between the White House and the NSBA and called for a list of answers, asking if the administration views concerned parents as domestic terrorist threats.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has not explained or offered examples of the violence it is referring to in either of these instances. The DOJ did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s many requests for comment. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: House Judiciary Republicans Demand Biden’s AG Explain Memo Involving FBI In Local Schools, Call For Ethics Investigation)

In early October, Garland announced he was directing the FBI to “use its authority” against parents who threaten or harass public school officials. Republicans were quick to push back on Garland’s directive, with many accusing the DOJ of attempting to silence political dissent. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: GOP Lawmakers Demand Explanation From AG Garland For Targeting Of American Parents)

“Joe Biden and his radical administration are letting special interest groups run our DOJ. The Biden White House coordinated with the National School Boards Association to silence parents who dare to speak out against the progressive indoctrination of their children in our public schools like the 1619 project. On command, AG Garland then unleashed the FBI to pursue concerned parents as domestic terrorists. President Biden pledged a DOJ free from politics, but the facts prove otherwise,” Blackburn told the Daily Caller before sending the letter.

Here Is What Blackburn Is Demanding From Biden: 

  • Who initiated the communications between the White House and NSBA on this issue?
  • Please describe the White House’s awareness of and involvement in the NSBA letter, including, but not limited to, any participation in coordinating the letter, drafting the letter, and/or initiating the idea of sending it.
  • Who at NSBA did the White House communicate with on this matter?
  • Please detail any White House direction, guidance, communication, and/or coordination with DOJ on the FBI directive and/or any related issues discussed herein.
  • Does your administration view concerned parents as domestic terrorist threats?
  • Where does your administration designate the boundary between legitimate protest and criminal activity?
  • Was Ms. Garcia appointed to the National Assessment Governing Board because of her role working with the White House on the September 29 letter?


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The Department of Education also tapped NSBA President Viola Garcia to serve on a federal education board a few weeks after she helped craft a letter comparing parent protests to “domestic terrorism.” (RELATED: National School Board President Tapped To Biden Admin After Comparing Parent Protests To ‘Domestic Terrorism’)

Widespread protests and other forms of pushback have taken place in recent months across the country, as some parents have grown frustrated with the prevalence of critical race theory in school curricula and COVID-19 restrictions in the classroom.

Blackburn asked for her questions to be answered by Nov. 8, 2021.