EXCLUSIVE: Migrants From All Over The World Are Crossing Illegally Into Yuma, Arizona

Daily Caller Jorge Ventura

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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The border sector in Yuma, Arizona, is dealing with a surge in illegal border crossings as agents are overwhelmed with the constant flow of migrants. In August of 2020, agents in the Yuma sector encountered less than 700 migrants, compared to August 2021, when agents encountered over 17,000 migrants.

The Daily Caller captured footage of human smugglers bringing over migrants through the Colorado River and into Yuma at an area known as “The Gap”, due to the gaps in the border wall. The majority of migrants crossing through it are Central and South American, however migrants from all over the world cross through the sector. Reporting in Yuma, the Daily Caller encountered migrants from Romania, Georgia, India and Uzbekistan.

The police chief of San Luis Richard Jessup, the border town next to Yuma, told the Daily Caller that his officers have encountered migrants from at least 40 different countries. Migrants say they fly into Mexicali, and from there, take a bus to Los Algodones, the Mexican town directly across Yuma. After getting dropped off, the migrants cross through the Colorado River.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham visited the Yuma sector earlier in October, tweeting a video from “The Gap”.