CNN Anchor Wonders How Democrats Will ‘Sell’ Biden’s Agenda If They Keep Cutting ‘Their Biggest Selling Points’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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CNN anchor Kate Bolduan asked how Democrats could sell President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda if they kept cutting out “their biggest selling points.”

Bolduan addressed the topic on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Out Front,” noting that because of opposition within the Democratic Party, the far left members of the party had already been forced to compromise on their initial plan – and they still had not reached a final deal. (RELATED: CNN Tries To Get Lindsey Graham To Attack Trump–He Attacks The Media Instead)


CNN presidential historian Tim Naftali pointed out the fact that Biden could very well be headed overseas without a deal on infrastructure and the accompanying spending package, saying, “The problem, however, is that he looks weak as a leader because he’s been setting expectations very high when it is clear now that the reason Speaker Pelosi did not go forward with the infrastructure bill was she didn’t have the votes which means the Democratic Party is in disarray and that does not help the president’s hand when he goes abroad.”

Bolduan turned to political analyst Gloria Borger, adding, “Democrats are now talking about dropping paid family leave. I mean, this is something that Biden campaigned on. This is something Biden spoke specifically to when he laid out details of what was in the — what was going to be in the deal during the CNN town hall. And if it’s now dropped, I mean, how do they sell a bill if some of their biggest selling points are now getting cut out?”

Borger agreed, saying that prior to coming on the air she had spoken with a senior advisor to Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – who had initially outlined a $6 trillion plan.

“He said we’re — we’re in danger of having a bill defined more by what’s not in it than by what’s in it. Particularly, if you do drop this family medical leave,” Borger said.

“That adviser is not wrong,” Bolduan replied.

“No, no, he is totally right,” Borger continued, noting that White House press secretary Jen Psaki had pointed to the paid family leave provision as one of the three key ingredients to the White House’s agenda.

Borger argued that while personally, Biden might be in agreement with Sanders about how much needed to be done, politically he understood the need to compromise in order to get something passed.

“And now, I think he doesn’t look strong. He looks as if he is just trying to find something — anything — it’s — it’s a complete mess,” she said.

“You know, and, Tim, this standstill. I mean, despite what the — they say publicly, the standstill’s been going on for months now,” Bolduan concluded. “I mean, Democrats, they don’t seem to be moved by Biden’s pleas or whatever he is saying to them behind closed doors to get this done. And get this done on these deadlines they keep setting for themselves.”