Boss Allegedly Killed Employee, Buried Him Under Septic Tank


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Authorities have charged an Oklahoma man with murder after they allege he killed his employee and buried him under a septic tank, according to reports.

Fifty-year-old Brent Mack was reported missing by a family member on Sept. 28, with the individual telling police Mack had not been heard from since Sept. 20, according to Fox News. The individual then reached out to Mack’s boss, 66-year-old Dan Triplett, to inquire of Mack’s whereabouts, according to the report.

Triplett, who operates a septic tank installation company, reportedly fired Mack on Sept. 20 and gave him a severance pay. Triplett told authorities he dropped Mack at a laundromat and that was their last known interaction. Police, however, allege Triplett murdered Mack while on a job, questioning Triplett’s claim he dropped Mack at the cleaners after surveillance video showed Triplett’s truck drive by but never stop, Fox News reported.

After initial questioning, Triplett told authorities he wanted to fire Mack due to Mack’s alleged violent behavior. Authorities eventually were granted a search warrant for Triplett’s home and vehicle and found a book detailing Triplett’s previous job locations. They tracked down one job to a Sept. 20 installation and contacted the homeowners. (RELATED: Mom, Boyfriend Arrested After Abandoning 3 Children, Allegedly Murdering Fourth)

Surveillance footage reportedly showed Mack and Triplett working at the site, with Mack disappearing out of the camera after entering the hole that was dug for the septic tank. Authorities say Mack was not seen exiting the hole or on the camera again, according to Guthrie News Page.

“It is apparent that Brent disappears from the view of the camera down into a hole that is being dug by Dan for the placement of a septic tank,” a police report reportedly reads. “Brent is never seen again in the camera footage after going down into that hole.”

The septic tank was dug up on Oct. 21 and authorities found a body that contained Mack’s identification. The body reportedly had a projectile in the chest.

Triplett was subsequently arrested and has been charged with murder and desecration of a human corpse, according to Fox News.