EXCLUSIVE: ‘Using Minors To Traffic’: Arizona Police Chief Explains How Drug Cartels Exploit The Migrant Crisis

Daily Caller

Jorge Ventura Contributor
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Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura interviewed the police chief of a border town in Arizona about the drug cartels and the migrant crisis.

Police Chief of San Luis Richard Jessup told the Daily Caller that in the last two years fentanyl smuggled into San Luis, Arizona, has increased by “500% percent.”

“Our overdosed deaths have risen significantly,” Jessup said about the effects of fentanyl coming through San Luis. Border Patrol agents told the Daily Caller that agents are overwhelmed and undermanned dealing with migrants turning themselves in to agents, leaving the border open for drugs to be smuggled in.

“The amount of minors using fentanyl is out of control,” Jessup said. Cocaine and other drugs are sometimes mixed in with fentanyl in which the user is unaware of, according to Jessup.

“[Mexican cartels] are using minors to traffic all those fentanyl pills,” he said, noting that minors make up the majority of arrests his officers make for trafficking fentanyl pills.

San Luis’ police department is currently preparing for any possible migrant headed their way after reports showed a large migrant caravan leaving Tapachula, Mexico.