Cornell Prof Vows To Fail Students Who Improperly Wore Masks During Class


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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A Cornell University professor promised to fail two students who he alleges were improperly wearing their face masks during his lecture.

Bruce Monger, the director of undergraduate studies for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell, sent an email to his students requesting that they help identify two students who were improperly wearing their masks. One of the students was eating at the time, according to Monger’s email.

“I wanted to ask for your help in identifying two ocean students who were photographed with their masks off during the ocean class last Friday,” Monger said to his “Introductory to Oceanography” class.

Monger described each student in detail, stating that one had a “prominent hooked nose.”

“One student is a male with red hair and a fairly prominent hooked nose. His hair was pretty long (just below the bottom of his ears) and is pretty thick and wavy. He was wearing a blue sweatshirt and was eating something at the time,” Monger wrote. “The other student is a male who was sitting to the left of the red head. He has short brown hair (maybe 1 – ½ to 2 inches in length) and small a nose [sic] … He spent the whole lecture with his mask down around his chin.”

The professor said that when he identifies the students he “will be failing both for the semester.”

Cornell University was one of the first colleges in the nation to implement a vaccine requirement for all students who return to on-campus living and learning. Students are still required to wear masks indoors “at all times,” unless in “private, non-shared spaces” or when eating. (RELATED: Florida Sues Over Vaccine Mandate)

Failing students who do not comply with the mask requirements is not a university policy, according to the Office of Dean’s guide. Faculty are encouraged to stop class and remind students to wear their masks or refer them to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

Neither Monger nor the university responded to the Daily Caller’s requests for comment.