Rep. Kevin McCarthy Clashes With A Reporter Over Jan. 6 Committee

Gillian Spivak

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy clashed with reporters over the Jan. 6th Committee.

Watch the exchange here:

In recent weeks, McCarthy has been in the news regarding subpoenas over the Jan. 6th Committee. He was quoted as saying, “[Democrats] are weakening the power of Congress by issuing an invalid subpoena,” in reference to the subpoena issued to Steve Bannon.

When questioned over what makes the subpoena invalid, Rep. McCarthy clarified that the House Minority was not allowed to participate in the issuance of subpoenas. He argued that House Majority is using its power to target political opponents.

He went on to compare the actions of the House Majority against individuals like Steve Bannon to those made by the government against parents who have protested school board meetings.

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