Ayaan Hirsi Ali: ‘Wokeism’, Not White Supremacy, Threatens America


Kira Mautone Contributor
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During her lecture Monday at the National Conservative Conference in Orlando, Florida, Ayaan Hirsi Ali claimed that “wokeism”, not white supremacy, is the ideology posing the greatest threat to America.

“The ideology that threatens us today, and has the potential to ruin our societies is a different one. It goes by many names, but I will call it, ‘wokeism,'” Ali said at the conference. The Hoover Institute Scholar likened woke ideas to white supremacy, which, she argues, “has remarkable similarities” with “race-centered wokeism.” She also argued that both “wokeism” and white supremacy “ranks human beings” into hierarchies purely based on their skin color.


Ali mentioned that white supremacy is only found in the most fringe groups in society and that the claim “white supremacy is the biggest domestic threat we face is nonsensical, histrionic and self-serving,” according to Fox News. She also declared that a core component of wokeism lies in the “contamination of language,” and highlighted its “lexicon” of terms that have created a situation in which adherents are able to police language. According to Ali, adherents “seek unchecked and absolute power.”

Ali went on to say that “wokeism” in its entirety is continuing to divide Americans and weaken their freedoms. “If you think that white supremacy is the biggest domestic threat that we face, I want to say to you – get a grip,” she reportedly said.

This is not the first time Ali has been highly critical of woke ideologies. In an opinion article published in May, Ali likened the current political culture to being “tribal”, saying that our “deeply divided country” resembled “clan or tribal life” back in Africa. She also has been outspoken against teaching Critical Race Theory, saying that it will teach Americans to both “hate” America and each other. (RELATED: Biden Is ‘Endorsing And Enforcing Sharia Vigilantism,’ Hoover Institute Fellow Ayaan Hirsi Ali Tells Tucker Carlson)