‘Clown’: Meghan McCain Slams Bill De Blasio Over Governor Bid, Says He’ll ‘Burn’ Entire ‘State To The Ground!’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Meghan McCain slammed Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio over his plans to run for governor of the state and said he’ll “burn” the “entire state to the ground.”

“Not only will he go [de Blasio] down in history as the man who almost single handedly destroyed New York City – now he wants to burn the entire state to the ground!” the former co-host of “The View” tweeted Tuesday to her hundreds of thousands of followers. (RELATED: ‘Dragged’: Meghan McCain Blasts ‘Every Single Person In Biden Administration’ Over Fall Of Kabul)

“This man is the worst politician in the country and the idea he should be governor is a sick, twisted joke – you clown!! (RELATED: ‘I’m Just Going To Rip The Band-Aid Off’: Meghan McCain Announces She’s Leaving ‘The View’)

The former Fox News host’s post included a retweet of an article from Empire Report under the headline that read, “De Blasio Files For Governor Run.”

The NYC mayor had filed paperwork Tuesday with the New York State Board of Elections with a request to create the New Yorkers for a Fair Future committee, which  would allow him to start raising funds for a campaign to run for governor. Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped down from office after an investigation found he had sexually harassed 11 women.

If de Blasio does decide to run for the spot, he will go against Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul who stepped in after Cuomo left and New York Attorney General Letitia James.

The mayor’s stance on vaccine mandates has resulted in thousands of front line workers being off the job. As the Rolling Stone magazine noted, during the mayor’s tenure since 2014, he’s reportedly failed to address inequity in areas such as education, housing, criminal justice and homelessness.

“They present differently, but what they share is that this has been, in two quite different but meaningful ways, a moment of real need for leadership in our city,” Brad Lander, who represents de Blasio’s old Park Slope district in the City Council, shared. “We haven’t had it.”