Leo Terrell Says He’s ‘Sick And Tired’ Of Democrats ‘Using George Floyd As A Basis’ For Defunding The Police

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell said Tuesday that he’s “sick and and tired” of defund advocates using the death of George Floyd “to cut” or “reimagine police departments.”


“Throughout the entire country, crime has spiked. Murders have gone up,” Terrell told “Fox & Friends.”

“And I’m sick and tired of them using George Floyd as a basis for trying to cut the police or reimagine police departments … [when] crime is still rampant.” (RELATED: ‘Joe Biden Is An Empty Suit’: Leo Terrell Says President Can Only Offer Lukewarm Support To Police Because He’s Not In Charge)

“Let me be very clear,” Terrell said. “They were forced. These Democratic cities were forced to refund the police. It is political suicide if they come out … Have you heard any of these Democratic leaders say ‘I want more police officers? I want more, more, more money for police?’ They can’t say it because it’s political suicide.”

The Fox News contributor said support for defunding the police is still very high in Minneapolis, a city that “wants to change the whole concept” of policing. Fox News host Steve Doocy noted that voters will decide Tuesday whether to change the name of the Minneapolis Police Department to that of “public safety.”

“What I’m telling you is that the Democrats do not really support the police. They were compelled to do so because of all of this crime in the nation,” Terrell said.  Many cities that were initially enthusiastic about defunding the police have rethought that position amid a spike in crime.

Terrell said that the tiny suburb of Buckhead wants to secede from Atlanta and establish its own police force.

Although several left-wing Democratic lawmakers remain advocates of defunding the police, President Joe Biden does not support the concept. (RELATED: Dan Bongino: ‘Defunding The Police Is the Single Dumbest Idea In The History Of Liberalism’)

President Joe Biden arrives for the COP26 UN Climate Summit on Monday in Glasgow, U.K. (Adrian Dennis/Pool/Getty Images)

President Joe Biden arrives for the COP26 UN Climate Summit on Nov. 1, 2021 in Glasgow, U.K. (Adrian Dennis/Pool/Getty Images)

“Every city we’ve talked about are Democratic cities. Because again, if you are a Democratic politician you cannot support the police in the open,” Terrell said.
Terrell also pointed to “the whole West Coast” as being “a disaster for law enforcement” because police officers are unable to do their jobs because “they’re basically being limited by Democratic mayors” who are seeing stores being closed “because shoplifting and crime is rampant.”