EDITORIAL: The Best Woke Teacher Rants: 2021 Edition


Kay Smythe Contributor
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Who remembers their first and most influential teachers? I do.

My first teacher was a wonderful woman called Ms. Chaplin. When I was an adult, I attended her wedding at our local church. We all cried with joy, as we knew she was starting the next chapter of her beautiful life. She had guided me and my friends through our earliest years of education, creating a kinship that will never go away.

Then there was Mr. Diehl, my terrifying geography teacher from high school. Mr. Diehl quite literally changed my life, and gave my bad attitude purpose. While most of his students thought he was a total meanie, I ended up doing a geography degree because of his incredible teaching. He made his subject fun, despite being a bit of a grouch.

Now, I’m almost too scared to start my own family in case my offspring’s educators end up like one of this lot.

What happened to educators?! They are supposed to inspire, not do stuff like this:

Nothing can prepare you better for life, or ruin your future faster, than your teachers. Now, I’m not saying that all of these people are poor educators, but these posts certainly suggest they’re not teaching — they’re indoctrinating their students into woke ideologies that won’t serve them in adulthood.

The one that shocked me the most was the chap who feels that instilling good behavior is racist.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video in full to see for yourself.

Tell me about your best and worst teachers in the comments! Perhaps some of them will end up on Libsoftiktok like this lot!

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