‘The Brandon Administration’ Trends On Twitter After DeSantis Makes Cheeky Remark

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Nicole Silverio Contributor
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Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ dubbing of President Joe Biden’s administration as “The Brandon Administration” led to a new Twitter trend Wednesday.

DeSantis used the name “the Brandon Administration” during a Wednesday press conference in Tampa Bay while criticizing tech companies and corporate media’s reaction to the landslide Republican victory in Virginia’s Tuesday election.

“You look at the things going on. You see Big Tech. You see corporate media. They weren’t happy with Virginia last night,” DeSantis said. “If you look at what’s going on with the big corporations with their woke agenda. When you look at the Biden—the Brandon administration, in terms of what they’re doing.”

The crowd began to enthusiastically chant “Let’s Go, Brandon” in response to the governor’s comment. (RELATED: ‘Emblematic Of The Cover-Up’: Pete Hegseth Says ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Meme Is Aimed At Media)

The “Let’s Go, Brandon” chant became a national sensation during an Oct. 2 NASCAR race when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast tried to cover up the crowd’s “F*ck Joe Biden” chants with claims that they chanted “Let’s Go, Brandon” in support of NASCAR driver Brandon Brown.

“They’re chanting this, so you have a reporter from NBC who knows that’s what they’re saying and she’s trying to cover for Biden, so she says ‘yeah, they’re chanting Let’s Go, Brandon,'” DeSantis continued. “And that was a lie, so this chant has taken on a life of its own because it has exposed the dishonesty of these corporate reporters and what they do every day to try and hide.”

The Florida governor’s remarks led to the Twitter trend which resulted in many notable social media influencers and users to quote the name and react.

“In a news conference on Wednesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called the Biden administration the ‘Brandon administration,’ a reference to a chant used to criticize the president that was spurred by a post-race interview at the NASCAR Xfinity Series,” Twitter’s trend says.

The chant has sparked controversy among Biden supporters, particularly in response to a Southwest Airlines pilot ending his address to passengers with the popular anti-Biden phrase. CNN analyst Joe Lockhart came under fire Monday for comparing “Let’s Go, Brandon” Ku Klux Klan and Nazi rhetoric.

Former FBI Special Agent and CNN analyst Asha Rangappa compared the phrase to ISIS, criticizing the notion that a person would face harsher consequences for saying,”Long Live ISIS.”