Left-Wing Media Blames White Supremacy For Virginia Election That Resulted In First Black Female Lieutenant Gov.


Chrissy Clark Contributor
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Members of the left-wing media are blaming white supremacy for the Republican victory in Virginia that resulted in the election of the state’s first black female lieutenant governor.

White women in Virginia swung 15 points in favor of the GOP between the 2020 presidential election and the 2021 gubernatorial race, according to NBC exit polls. Those numbers, coupled with Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s message of removing critical race theory from public schools, sent some commentators into a frenzy. Some went as far as to call the Republican win a form of white supremacy. (RELATED Sunny Hostin Says White Women Voted For Youngkin So They Could Pretend Slavery Didn’t Happen)

MSNBC host Joy Reid said that the phrase “education” is “code for ‘white parents don’t like the idea about teaching about race.’” She went on to claim that racism is the most powerful tool in the Republican tool belt.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace made similar comments during a panel interview. Wallace claimed that Youngkin “worshipped at the altar of Donald Trump on Fox News.” She further claimed that “critical race theory” is not a real phenomenon and helped turn the suburbs towards a “Trump insurrection endorsed Republican.” Wallace also said Youngkin had laundered Trump’s “disgusting, flagrant out racism.”

CNN’s Van Jones dubbed Youngkin the “delta variant of Trumpism.”

“Same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places,” the anchor said.

The anti-Youngkin narrative wasn’t exclusive to on-air media. Wajahat Ali, a columnist for the Daily Beast, claimed that the only way to defeat “whiteness” was for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe to win. McAuliffe is a white man.

“Whiteness remains undefeated,” Ali tweeted. “Let’s wait and see who those white suburban voters went for tonight in Virginia. Any guesses?”

Freelance journalist Mona Elthaway joined in the online condemnation of white women, calling them the “foot soldiers of white supremacist patriarchy.”

The same left-wing commentators have been relatively silent about the fact that the Republican victory elected the state’s first black female lieutenant governor, Winsome Sears. During an interview with Fox News, Sears shot back at Democrats’ claims that racism helped Republicans win in Virginia.

“Politicians are using [race] as a tool because of the things that happened to use historically to advance, I would think, their nefarious purposes,” Sears said. “I’m destroying all the narratives about race.”

CNN interviewed Sears about the impact that her race had on the election before her victory in Virginia on Nov. 2. Sears told CNN that the election was not about the color of her skin.

“There is no Census Bureau category called ‘of color.’ I am black. Virginians are ready for strong, principled, and sensible leaders who will serve them — no matter one’s color,” Sears said.