‘Out Of Touch’: Van Jones Flames Democrats, Says They Come Off As ‘Annoying And Offensive’

(Screenshot/twitter/RNC Research)

Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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CNN’s Van Jones said Tuesday that Democrats come off as “annoying and offensive” while covering the Virginia governor race.

“I think that Democrats are coming across in ways that we don’t recognize — that are annoying and offensive and seem out of touch,” said Van Jones.

Van Jones made the comment in attempt to explain why Democratic candidate for governor Terry McAuliffe was losing the election in Virginia. (RELATED: ‘The Delta Variant Of Trumpism’: Van Jones Calls Glenn Youngkin A Disease During Election Coverage)

Van Jones also argued that McAuliffe ran a poor campaign, especially in regard to his comments about parental involvement in education. “I think that he did not run a campaign that fit his time and that fit the state … You’ve got a lot of parents who just spent a year homeschooling their kids and were forced to do so. To tell those people, ‘Look, we don’t care about what you think about education,’ that is a big insult.”

McAuliffe claimed that parents should not “be telling schools what they should teach” during a debate in September.

The Democratic candidate ultimately lost the Virginia governor election to Republican Glenn Youngkin, making it the first statewide victory for Republicans since 2009.