‘They Won’t Change’: Victor Davis Hanson Says Democrats See That ‘COVID Threat’ And ‘Racial Tensions’ Favor Them

(Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Conservative historian Victor Davis Hanson said Democrats see the that “COVID threat” and “racial tensions” favor them politically and “they won’t change” despite recent election losses.

During the Sirius XM “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast Thursday, Kelly asked her guest Hanson what the odds are by the “mid-terms” Democrats will be like “oh my goodness, we are going to have to relax these crazy policies, because we’re going to pay for it if we don’t” over all the firing of cops and healthcare workers over COVID vaccine, mask mandates for kids and the like. (RELATED: Megyn Kelly Defends Piers Morgan, Says ‘In An Era Of Free Speech Being Stifled’ We ‘Need More’ Like Him, Not ‘Fewer’)

“I do think that people will punish the Democrats if they don’t reverse some of this going forward,” the former Fox News host shared. Hanson agreed people will punish the party as they did in Virginia, New Jersey, and elsewhere, following recent elections. However, he said that the Democrats “won’t change.” (RELATED: Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats In Panic Mode As Party Reaches The ‘Most Left-Wing Position Possible’ On Immigration)

“They won’t change,” Hanson shared. “In their way of thinking, two things got them elected, and they did not think they would defeat Donald Trump much less control both houses of congress.”


“They said and what they feel worked for them was the demonstrations, riots and chaos after George Floyd that empowered Critical Race Theory … into the mainstream,” he added. “So they are never going to give up on that.”

“The COVID crisis … there was 102 million absentee or early votes that were not cast on election day and they feel that worked out for them,” Hanson continued. “In their mind, the longer you have the COVID threat and the longer, you have racial tensions and Critical Race Theory the more polarized, chaotic … and anarchy, the more there’s a need and people will react in the way they don’t politically and that favors them.”

Victor said he doesn’t think the Democrats are “going to give up” and explained how he sees Democrats continuing to use COVID restrictions in the coming years.

“They are going to say, ‘you know what, these boosters are necessary every year,'” the conservative commentator shared. ‘” The masks work, we got to keep everybody locked down’… or at least they will say you will need to show [vaccine certificates] at a restaurant.”