Virginia Voters Hold Nothing Back When They Explain Why Biden, Dems Turned Them Into Republicans

A voter shares why Biden turned him into a Republican. Screenshot. Twitter. @BonillaJL

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Voters in Virginia told Telemundo News in clips posted on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 that President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party and liberals have turned them into Republicans — and they were brutally honest.

“I believe that Biden turned me into a Republican,” the voter said, standing in front of signs supporting former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, the defeated candidate in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. “Biden is destroying the economy. Inflation is through the roof and everything is terrible.” (RELATED: ‘People Are Rightfully Angry’: Rep. Foxx Blames Biden For Surging Inflation From House Floor)

Media Research Latino’s Jorge Bonilla tweeted that the clip will be the “subject of nightmares” for the left-wing of the Democratic Party in upcoming elections. Launched by Media Research Center, MRC Latino is a Spanish conservative watchdog outlet.

In the same Twitter thread, but in a different video, Astrid Gamaz told Telemundo she’s “sick of people stigmatizing” her for voting Republican as a minority. Bonilla also called it “another clip from Virginia that will trigger nightmares.”

“I believe that Republicans now, especially we minorities, have stood up because I’m sick of people stigmatizing me (for being) a Republican and me being expected not to speak up,” Gamez said in the clip.

Gamez had never been politically active until casting her vote for the winner of the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election, Glenn Youngkin, Telemundo reported.