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From Being Evicted to Making $1 Million in 40 mins: Everything About Ashley Massengill’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Melissa Beavers Contributor
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The world of Entrepreneurship brings out the craziest stories that motivate budding entrepreneurs, and we get to hear about new records getting broken in every field.

I have another such incident to share with you that has literally become the inspiration of the year for budding entrepreneurs. Ashley Massengill, the founder of the Digital Course Recipe, has broken all the records with $1 Million in course sales in the first 40 mins of the launch of her course.

Also, I have another interesting fact to share!

Ashley is not a seasoned corporate leader with 40 years of experience in some technical Industry. She is actually just a few years into her Entrepreneurship journey, which makes the incident even more relevant and something to learn from.

Want to know her story?

Let me first introduce you to Ashley Massengill. In 2017, Ashley was working on a full-time job, and this is when she started her first business.

Just in the first month itself, she made $9,950 without any experience, mentors, coaches, business loans, or influencers.

This is what Ashley has to say from her own words, “I thought to myself if I can make this much while working a full-time job, imagine what I could make if I didn’t have the distraction of that job. So, I quit. And I never looked back.”

From being evicted in 2013 to making more than $30 Million to date

You read that right! Just 8 years ago, she was getting evicted from her house because she couldn’t meet her payments. She even had her car repossessed and had to overdraft her account just to launch her business.

Fast forward 8 years, and she has 8 millionaire awards and has made $30+ Million in total from her business ventures.

All this led to Ashley launching her course “The Digital Course Recipe” and making $1 Million in sales in the first 40 minutes. She was also mentioned by Teachable’s founder Ankur Nagpal on Twitter after she made this record.

She was also featured by Stripe for this feat in one of their latest articles talking about the creator economy.

What is Ashley’s secret to success?

Ashley’s journey started with faith and a will to improve her life and that of the people around her. I took the time to analyze her social media accounts, and I could see the same type of posts that she is currently posting.

Her consistency has helped her grow from 0 Facebook followers in 2017 to having massive engagement on her account.

One of the secrets of her success has been her utilizing the power of social proof with “receipts.” She started her business coaching programs early on and started tagging every one of her student’s wins on her social accounts. Being authentic and transparent has helped her win the trust of her audience and build a community that trusts and uplifts each other.

The changing point in her career

The most significant jump and changing point in her career came when she met her first business coach. Coaching plays a crucial role in every industry, and entrepreneurship is no exception. This is especially true for first-generation entrepreneurs starting everything from scratch.

She has a number of business coaches now, advising her on every part of her different businesses.

Quoting her own words, “My business coach was able to instill one of the most important pieces of advice that I now pass down to others. ‘Focus on your strengths and hire your weaknesses.’ Rather than wasting time and energy trying to learn everything and do everything by myself, I learned how to focus 100% on what was actually increasing my revenue and tap into ways that I could improve my level of expertise there.”

This is actually one of the most deciding factors in a business. It is pretty common for entrepreneurs to try and get everything done by themselves. They try to improve their weaknesses which takes up the majority of their time that should have ideally gone into growing the business.

You can grow your revenue multi-folds by outsourcing your weaknesses and leveraging your strengths.

Ashley’s philanthropic side and contribution to society

Entrepreneurship brings out the best in people and allows them to do what they wish for. Ashley has been making a lot of contributions to society since she started her business.

She had donated $1+ million in the last 4.5 years alone. She has paid for single moms to get out of homeless shelters and done car giveaways on Mother’s Day. This also includes giving away her stimulus cheques to supporters and coat drives for boys and girls in the winter.

She is also lucky enough to help her mother retire 25+ years early and buy her a 2021 Mercedes SUV (paid in full).

All this is a testament to what all you can achieve by following your dreams and leveraging the opportunities that modern times and technology have given us.