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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but there’s a new type of gem that’s taking over that title: Moissanite. This gemstone has been receiving a lot of attention lately, and for good reason, as it’s simply stunning; so breathtaking, in fact, that many are choosing Moissanite jewelry over diamonds, and MoissaniteCo.com is honored to be one of the leading dealers of Moissanite gemstones and jewelry.

Whether you’re planning on asking your soul mate to spend the rest of her life with you and you’re searching for the perfect ring to accompany the question, you’re looking for a gift for a special someone to commemorate a milestone, a “just because” gift to share your unending love and affection with your other half, of you want to treat yourself to something unique, Moissanite gemstone jewelry from MoissaniteCo.com may be exactly what you’re seeking.

What is Moissanite?

While it’s been receiving a lot of attention lately, the truth is, Moissanite isn’t new. In fact, it has been around for nearly 130 years.

Nearly 50,000 years ago, a fiery meteor, which was accompanied by a rare mineral, fell from the heavens and crashed into the Earth. In 1893, Dr. Henri Moissan, a Nobel-prize winning chemist from France, was searching for crystalline chemicals that would serve as an efficient conductor of electricity. During his quest, Dr. Moissan was examining a crater in Arizona, where he discovered silicon carbide, the rare mineral that accompanied that crater that crashed into the Earth.

Initially, Dr. Moissan believed that the mineral he discovered was diamond, as it was extremely hard, featured facets, and sparkled – all features that are similar to diamond. After a decade of investigating his finding, Moissan discovered that the stone was a mineral in its own right, and it was given the name “Moissanite”, in the French chemist’s honor.

In nature, Moissanite is exceedingly rare. It can only be found in very few locations within the upper level of the Earth’s mantle and meteorites. Dr. Moissan dedicated the rest of his life attempting to reconstruct his incredible finding; however, his attempts were unsuccessful. Scientists continued Moissan’s work, attempting to recreate the rare mineral he discovered, and in the 1990s, a group of researchers based in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Charles & Colvard, developed a process that allowed them to successfully create pure silicon carbide (SiC): lab-created Moissanite. The researchers patented the process, and the mineral they created was utilized in a variety products, such as semiconductors, abrasives, drilling tools, and even LED lighting.

The Creation of Moissanite Jewelry

Upon observing lab-created Moissanite samples, master diamond cutters suggested that if the crystals were cut properly, they could be transformed into a brilliant gemstone. Researchers and the diamond cutters, Charles & Colvard, starting working on a research project that would span over three years, so that they could offer the stunning brilliance of the rare lab-created gemstone to the world. In 1998, their efforts succeeded, and Moissanite was introduced to the world. This introduction forever changed the world of jewelry.

Moissanite: The Magnificence and Durability of Time for Half the Price

While Moissanite was first created in laboratory for scientific and industrial applications, it was quickly realized that it could serve as a stunning gemstone that featured properties that were quite similar to diamond. The lab-created stone is just as hard as diamond, and when cut properly, offers double the sparkle. Given these qualities, combined with the fact that the price tag is a fraction of diamond’s cost, and it’s easy to see why Moissanite quickly became – and remains – a beloved alternative to diamond jewelry. In fact, in terms of brilliance, many claim that it actually outshines diamond.

About MoissaniteCo.com

MoissaniteCo.com was founded by Mike and Jera Christensen in 2005. Mike, who hails from Las Vegas, comes from a long line of jewelers; his great-grandfather opened his first jewelry store on Freemont Street some 80 years ago. The Christensen’s wanted to carry on the family tradition, and thus they established MoissainteCo.com, and they’re as committed to offering their clients the largest selection of the highest quality Moissanite at the most affordable prices.

Since it was only developed in the late 1990s, when Mike and Jera first decided to launch their jewelry retailer, not much was known about the lab-created stone; in fact, the founders of the company had to discover effectively sort through and classify the highest quality gems themselves. What they did know, however, was that because Moissanite gems aren’t backed by a 3rd party lab certification, purchasing gemstones from leading authorities who are well-versed in assessing the quality of stones and have a keen eye for selecting the good from the bad, was essential.

MoissainteCo.com is a pioneer in the Moissanite jewelry market. They were the very first to offer enhanced (whitened) gemstones, and the first to offer gems that are backed by 3rd party lab certifications. Additionally, they were the first to sell Moissanite stones that were cut into unique heart and arrow shapes. Continuing to honor their commitment of offering the finest Moissanite rings and jewelry, they were also the first to offer super ideal cut lab-created Moissanite, stones that are cut and faceted with the most advanced laser and robotic technologies in order to deliver extreme precision.

Each and every gemstone and piece of jewelry MoissaniteCo.com sells is proudly made in the USA. They’ve partnered up with the best jewelry manufacturers in Louisiana, Ohio, New York, Nevada, and Washington, so that they can offer their clients the largest selection of absolutely pristine and truly breathtaking pieces. And, because each and every piece of jewelry they offer is made of 100% recycled precious metals that have been refined from pure elements, you can have confidence knowing that you’ll not only receive spectacularly stunning, truly unique, eco-friendly pieces.

Their passion for and dedication to offering the finest quality gemstones and jewelry has made MoissainteCo.com the leading distributor of Moissanite in the world. If you’re looking for the best diamond alternative, you can count on the team at MoissainteCo.com to not only meet your needs, but to exceed your expectations.

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