Wes Bentley Teases ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere, Says ‘The Hunt’s On’

Yellowstone, Jamie, Kayce (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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It sounds like the opening scenes of “Yellowstone” season four are going to be lit.

The fourth season of the hit Paramount Network show with Kevin Costner starts this Sunday, and you better believe that millions of fans around the country are fired up. (REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Ends Season 3 With One Of The Greatest Cliffhangers In TV History)

With the premiere only a couple days away, the cast has started opening up about what fans can expect, and it sounds like we can expect chaos.

“I mean, it’s high energy. It’s right where we left off, and more intense because the hunt’s on, and it gets crazy and fun. We don’t know everything yet, but we learn a little bit right away. It’s gonna be fun for everybody,” Wes Bentley explained to TV Guide when talking about the season four opening.


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In case you were wondering just how violent season four will get, Bentley made it clear revenge is the top priority after the wild season three ending.

He added, “They’re understandably ready for revenge, and that’s what I would say this season is really about. They’re out for revenge, and they’re definitely in a corner now. They’re definitely lashing out, and we know how dangerous that is. It’s not good, and it doesn’t get much better as we go on.”


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It’s insane how loud the hype surrounding season four has gotten. It’s at a deafening level. I guess that’s what happens when fans don’t get new episodes for more than a year.

The anticipation builds and we’re ready to cut loose.

If you haven’t already seen “Yellowstone,” I suggest you fire it up ASAP. If you start right now, you should have more than enough time to finish before Sunday night rolls around.

Forget going to work or hanging out with your significant other. Just watch some “Yellowstone.”

Make sure to tune in Sunday night for the start of what I’m sure will be an absolutely insane season. Can’t wait!