Sen. Barrasso Slams Democrats And Build Back Better Act: ‘No Respect For Taxpayer Money’

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Appearing on “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Republican Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso shared his frustration with the Biden Administration’s visit to Europe as energy prices and inflation surge.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Barrasso about the Biden Administration’s disregard for taxpayer money. She mentioned the $85 billion dollars in weapons left in Afghanistan, $100 million in materials to build a wall left in Texas, the flights flying migrants to airports across the country, and Biden’s plan to pay $450,000 per migrant.

“They bloated up their tax and spending spree now to $4 trillion … They have five different programs in [the Build Back Better Act] to give money to illegal immigrants. You can go page by page, item and item, wasteful spending and regulations that are going to drive up the cost of energy for American families through the winter and into next year.” Barrasso stated. “People are facing more inflation. I think we’re going to face the most expensive Christmas ever and that’s if you can even get gifts to arrive as a result of the gross mismanagement by this administration. No respect for taxpayer money.”


Biden traveled through Italy with an 85-vehicle caravan, which drew lots of criticism, some from Barrasso himself.  “The policy priorities of the Biden Admin are far out of step with those of the American people. While the president and almost half of his cabinet are soaring off to Scotland, most Americans would like to see a plan to deal with soaring inflation and skyrocketing energy costs.” he tweeted. (RELATED: Killmeyer: Biden Speaks On Climate Change In Glasgow As Americans  Suffer At The Pump)

Barrasso went on to say that the American people deserve to know how much of their tax dollars paid for Democrats to go to Europe.

“We know this conference is the most expensive climate conference in history and we’re going to continue to bang on this administration and to get and demand answers.” Barrasso promised.

Barrasso also lamented gas prices being at a seven year high. “We know why prices are high,” he stated. “Biden, day number one, killed the keystone xl pipeline, he blocked oil and gas exploration, leasing opportunities in the rocky mountain west, big impact in my home state of Wyoming, shut down Alaska energy to the point that today we’re using more oil from Russia than we are from Alaska and these guys are climate hypocrites.”