‘It’s Character Assassination’: Dave Portnoy Goes After Business Insider’s ‘Disgusting’ Report On Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Kira Mautone Contributor
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Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday to discuss a recent report published by Insider regarding sexual misconduct allegations made against him.

According to the recent report from Insider, a 20-year-old woman that allegedly spent time with Portnoy expressed that she felt like she “was being raped.” The Barstool Sports founder has since taken to social media to proclaim that this allegation is “100 percent false.”(RELATED: Barstool Sports To Save Historic Restaurant In Washington DC)

Portnoy was invited onto Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson’s show to further discuss the allegations, saying that the way Business Insider reported the story was “disgusting” and amounted to “character assassination.”


Portnoy told Carlson he knew the story was in the works for eight months, claiming that the Business Insider reporter reached out to everyone with some sort of affiliation with him, whether he knew them or not. “Every single person attached to me, this reporter reached out, and basically had leading questions,” he said, asking, according to Portnoy, “‘Hey any dirt on Dave Portnoy? Anything bad to find?'”

The Barstool Sports founder claimed that there was “virtually nothing” to uncover except for two allegations, both of which Portnoy has “unequivocally provided proof that they’re not telling the truth.”

“There’s an actual police report that reads like it’s from the Onion,” Portnoy said of the report referenced in the Insider article.  Portnoy also argued that the outlet wrote the piece in such a way as to not actually accuse him of anything, only laying out the allegations.

“If you dig into it, there’s absolutely nothing there,” Portnoy said, accusing the outlet of not discussing the allegations with him. “They won’t do it. They said don’t talk to us. They won’t even discuss it. They print and run.”