Key Witness Says Rittenhouse Was In ‘Physical Danger’ Before Fatally Shooting Anthony Huber

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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The man Kyle Rittenhouse wounded during the August riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, said Monday that Rittenhouse was in “physical danger” just before he fatally shot Anthony Huber.

Gaige Grosskreutz, who Rittenhouse shot and wounded, took the stand Monday and testified that he believed Rittenhouse was in physical danger just before the shooting of Huber.

Rittenhouse’s defense showed a picture of Rittenhouse on the ground as one man appeared to kick Rittenhouse while Huber appeared to be rushing in from behind.

“So you are having some concern, maybe as a medic or your training, that Kyle Rittenhouse is in physical danger, is that right?” the defense asked Grosskreutz.


“And you believe he’s in physical danger because he’s being attacked, right?” the defense pressed.

“That’s a fair thing to say,” Grosskreutz responded.

Video footage captured during the August 2020 incident appears to show several individuals running after an armed Rittenhouse. Huber can be seen running toward Rittenhouse with a skateboard in his hand while Rittenhouse is on the ground before Huber appears to lunge at Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse then fatally shot Huber. (RELATED: Watch The Key Moments Of Day Three Of The Rittenhouse Trial)

Grosskreutz then appears to approach Rittenhouse with a gun in his hand before Rittenhouse fires a shot at Grosskreutz, who then retreats.

Rittenhouse is charged with first degree intentional homicide in the killings of Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum.