Howard Stern Says Aaron Rodgers Should Be Thrown Out Of The NFL

Howard Stern, Aaron Rodgers (Photo by Getty Images and Stacy Revere/Getty Images compilation)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Howard Stern wants Aaron Rodgers kicked out of the NFL.

Everyone in the country seems to have a hot take about the fact Rodgers is unvaccinated after telling the media he was immunized. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Well, you can add Stern to the list and his take is scorching hot!

“I would throw this guy out of the league so fast…This f**king guy. They should throw him out of the league so fast,” Stern said when talking about the Green Bay quarterback during the Monday episode of his show.

You can listen to his full comments about Rodgers below.

I honestly can’t believe that there are people who honestly believe Rodgers should be banned from earning a living because he’s unvaccinated.

This country used to be a very impressive place. I’m starting to think that might not still be the case.

I simply do not understand the outrage. Rodgers’ teammates knew he was unvaccinated. As he made crystal clear during his interview with Pat McAfee, it wasn’t a secret.

Yes, he shouldn’t have seemingly misled by telling people he was immunized knowing they’d assume he was vaccinated, but is that really a huge deal?

It’s not great, but I’m not going to call for a guy’s job over it.

Rodgers will have to face whatever consequences the NFL might have if he broke protocols, but idiots calling for him to lose his job are likely just looking for attention. What an insanely stupid thing for Stern to say.