EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Johnson Demands Names Of DHS Officials Who Reviewed Intelligence Related To Travel Of Haitian Migrants To Border

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Henry Rodgers Senior Congressional Correspondent
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Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson sent a letter Friday to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling for information related to the thousands of illegal immigrants who gathered in Del Rio, Texas and asked for the names of any DHS official who reviewed or received the reported intelligence about the Haitian migrants gathering at the southern border.

The Daily Caller first obtained the letter sent to Mayorkas, in which Johnson mentions the 160,000 illegal immigrants that were apprehended at the southern border and the around 30,000 illegal Haitian migrants that amassed under the International Bridge in Del Rio.

Johnson said there needs to be immediate action and made requests in the letter. Johnson also asked why the DHS delayed deportations of Haitian migrants. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Democrats’ Slideshow Highlights Amnesty Proposal For Illegal Immigrants That Would Cost $105 Billion In Reconciliation Bill)

“President Biden is in complete denial about the crisis he has created on our southern border. To date, his administration has not been forthcoming with information about their disastrous open border policies that undermine the rule of law and secure borders,” Johnson told the Daily Caller.

Here Are The Requests Johnson Makes In The Letter: 

  • When did DHS become aware that 30,000 migrants who amassed in Del Rio, Texas, were heading for the southern border? Please provide any intelligence or other information referring or relating to the thousands of migrants who amassed in Del Rio, Texas, in September 2021.
  • Please provide the names and titles of all DHS officials who reviewed or received the reported intelligence or information in July 2021 regarding the travel of thousands of Haitians to the southern border.
  • Why did DHS delay deportations of the Haitian migrants who illegally crossed into Del Rio, Texas in September? a.Please provide all documents and communications referring or relating to this decision.
  • Please provide any information or intelligence DHS has relating to the reported caravan of 60,00 migrants who plan to travel to the southern border, or any other migrant caravan which is planning to travel or currently traveling to the southern border.


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“The public deserves answers and transparency from the administration about how their policies have created a national security and humanitarian crisis and how that impacts the American people,” he added. (RELATED: Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation To Send Illegal Immigrants To Martha’s Vineyard, Other ‘Democrat-Led Communities’)

Johnson asked for his questions to be answered no later than 5:00 p.m. on November 19, 2021.