Fisherman Makes A 1-In-100 Million Catch By Reeling In ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster Off Coast Of Maine

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Kevin Harness Contributor
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A fisherman made a 1-in-100 million catch over the weekend when he caught s a very rare “cotton candy” lobster off the coast of Maine.

Fisherman Bill Coppersmith claimed that he had captured a couple of rare-colored lobsters in his years of fishing, but never a cotton candy lobster, and that catching one was a “once-in-a-lifetime” experience for him, Newsweek reported. (RELATED: Fisherman Catches Absurd Creature In The Water. The Video Is Nightmare Fuel)

Coppersmith has worked for a direct-to-consumer seafood company called Get Maine Lobster based in Portland on the Cosco Bay, according to Newsweek.

Along with the cotton candy lobster which Coppersmith named “Haddie” after his granddaughter, he has caught an orange lobster and a white lobster in his 40 years of catching lobsters, according to outlet.

Lobsters that are caught off the Atlantic coast of North America are typically murky, green-brown in color. However, there have been cases where fishermen have caught lobsters coming in an assortment of colors including bright blue, yellow, bright red, orange, white, or even half and half with one color on each side, Newsweek reported.

Get Maine Lobster does not plan on selling or cooking “Haddie” but they are reaching out to local organizations and aquariums to see if anyone would be willing to adopt the rare lobster, according to Newsweek.

“Super, duper excited to show you what is called a cotton candy lobster. It is so rare, there’s only one in 100 million caught. Just look how beautiful that lobster is. We’re not gonna sell it. We’re not gonna cook it. We want to preserve it,” Mark Murrell from Get Maine Lobster said, according to the outlet.