Witness Says Rosenbaum Led Altercation With Rittenhouse

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A witness testified Thursday that Joseph Rosenbaum charged at Kyle Rittenhouse and lunged toward him right before Rittenhouse fatally shot Rosenbaum.

“I was at the corner of the Car Source and the first thing I did identify is that Joseph Rosenbaum was charging Kyle Rittenhouse from behind and then as he’s charging him into the Car Source parking lot a firearm goes off,” Drew Hernandez, a commentator for Real America Voice who covered the Kenosha riots, testified.

“As the first firearm goes off Rosenbaum is already charging Kyle from behind and attempts to throw a bag at him, not sure what’s inside of it, and Kyle is right at the corner of Car Source and turns around and Rosenbaum is lunging toward him very clearly and Kyle fires,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez also testified that Rosenbaum had been “triggered and aggravated” the evening of Aug. 25, noting he first saw Rosenbaum when Rosenbaum was pushing a dumpster that was on fire into occupied police vehicles. Hernandez said police had pushed Rosenbaum and other protesters back. Video footage shown in court corroborated his testimony.

“[Rosenbaum] led the charge into the gas station, he was getting physically aggressive, he appeared to be attempting to start a physical altercation with people in the gas station to the point where he was telling one of the individuals with a rifle shoot me N-word, shoot me N-word, clearly attempting to start a physical altercation,” Hernandez said, with video footage shown corroborating his story.

“After this scene at the gas station, there was another fire at a mechanic shop a block away, [I] went to go document that for about 20 minutes and when I came back is when I saw Rosenbaum in the middle of the street lighting a trash can on fire with now his identity concealed,” he continued. (RELATED: Defense Asks For Mistrial In Rittenhouse Case)

The defense then played a video showing Rosenbaum setting trash on fire, with Hernandez saying he heard Rittenhouse asking if anyone needed medical assistance. The defense then played a video of Rosenbaum chasing Rittenhouse into a parking lot, with Hernandez testifying that he heard someone shouting “fuck you” just before shots rang out.