82-Year-Old Woman Loses $700,000 To ‘Grandparents Scam’

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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An 82-year-old Florida woman lost more than $700,000 in a “grandparent scam” after being told her granddaughter was in legal trouble, the Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday.

Anna Nunn lost much of her life savings in the scam and Uber has pledged to help the grandmother.

Nunn received a phone call from a person who claimed to be her granddaughter, according to the Tampa Bay Times. The caller said they were in a car accident and needed money to get out of jail. The woman was then told to tell the bank the money was for contractors working at her home.

Nunn reportedly handed over bricks of cash to an individual involved in the scam. The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office asked Uber for information about pickups from Nunn’s home. (RELATED: Robbing Grandma And Grandpa: Reports Of Financial Abuse Of The Elderly Skyrocketed In The Past 5 Years)

Uber, with its data, “will assist with providing information to who purchased the rideshares and where the victim’s funds actually went,” a detective said.

Nunn has already filed a civil lawsuit against Truist Bank for allowing her to make large withdrawals despite numerous red flags, the Tampa Bay Times reported.