CNN Claims Judge Made ‘Strange,’ ‘Off-Color’ Asian Joke By Worrying That His Lunch Might Be Stuck Off California Coast

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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As Kyle Rittenhouse faces murder charges in a highly publicized trial, CNN published a piece Thursday criticizing a joke made by Judge Bruce Schroeder as being racist without actually explaining how it’s racist.

As the court was about to break for lunch, Schroeder made a joke seemingly about the supply chain crisis.

“I hope the Asian food isn’t coming, isn’t on one of those boats from Long Beach Harbor,” he said.

CNN published a story suggesting that the “strange and off-color joke” was racist toward Asians.

The outlet cited President and Executive Director of Asian Americans Advancing Justice John Yang claiming the judge’s comment “harms our community and puts us in the crosshairs of micro aggressions as well as actual physical violence.”

Yang added, “any Asian American that sees or hears his statement will understand that he is making fun of or mocking our community.”

“This is a great illustration of how Asian Americans are not immune from racial bias and discrimination in our criminal justice system,” Yang reportedly said, without actually explaining how Schroeder’s comment was racist.

CNN also cited Columbia University Professor Mae Ngai, who said, “Ugh. Old racist stereotypes die hard.” (RELATED: ‘Racist Judge With His Trump Rally Cellphone’: Left-Wing Journalist Has A Meltdown Over Judge In Rittenhouse Case)

CNN neither elaborated on Ngai’s comment nor provided evidence as to how Schroeder’s comment was a “racist stereotype[s].”

One court watcher, who wanted to remain anonymous for fear hordes of idiots might call him racist, said, “I think the joke is super simple. The food might have been running late and he was joking that it must be held up in the ports, like everything else running late. It was a supply chain joke.”

CNN’s Don Lemon also took to criticizing Schroeder for his comments and alleged bias in the trial but seemingly acknowledged the pre-lunch joke was about the supply chain crisis, as well.

“Does he need to make jokes about Asian food not arriving because it’s on a boat in Long Beach, California?” Lemon said. “Whether he was being racist toward Asians or insensitive or not, he said in one breath, that it shouldn’t be political and wouldn’t allow questions about a witnesses’ bias because a witness works for a far-right wing publication but that it shouldn’t be about politics but then he’s making jokes about the supply chain.”