‘More Of The Green New Deal’: Rep. Ted Budd Slams Biden’s Spending Bill

Screenshot- Fox News Channel

John Fleming Contributor
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Republican North Carolina Rep. Ted Budd (R) criticized Biden’s “Build Back Better” spending bill on Fox News Live, calling it “more of the Green New Deal”.

Rep. Budd highlighted the added expenditure in the bill, including 87,000 new IRS agents. “It’s trying to fix problems that aren’t real problems … What we need is real infrastructure.”

“Only 9% of it was about real roads and bridges. This is essentially about more of the Green New Deal and it’s completely out of touch with regular working Americans … It’s about things we don’t need with money we don’t have,” said Rep. Budd on Fox News Live.

Rep. Budd spoke about how inflation is affecting Americans at the grocery store and at the gas pumps. He mentioned that the Biden administration seems “out of touch” with issues Americans are facing. “They don’t understand the cost of inflation for real folks, and we saw that out of Jen Psaki’s mouth this week … She said something like high gas prices are good for America … this is absolutely out of touch.” (RELATED: Dem Spending Bills Are Duds, Poll Shows)

Rep. Budd proposed a bill requiring every member of the Biden Administration to complete an inflation education course. “Consumer costs have risen by the highest rate in decades, and it’s eating away at the buying power of every single North Carolinian,” Rep. Budd said in a Press Release.

Rep. Budd also spoke about the recent election in Virginia and how Republicans can win in 2022. “Stopping a lot of the bad ideas is a lot of what Republicans need to be doing right now … Everything that the left is doing, everything that the Democrats and the Biden administration are doing right now hurts America … We need to win in 2022, but we really need to go back to what made America great.”