Heavy Rains Force Scorpions To Leave Their Hiding Places, Causing More Than 500 People To Go To Hospital With Stings

Photo by KHALED DESOUKI/AFP via Getty Images

Jorge Velasco Contributor
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Extreme weather in Egypt on Sunday reportedly forced a multitude of scorpions out of their nests, leading to more than 500 hospitalizations due to stings.

The extreme weather, including rainfall, flooding and thunder, triggered the scorpions to seek shelter in people’s homes throughout the southern province of Aswan, where the majority of attacks occurred, according to CNN. The fat-tailed scorpions of Egypt, which most commonly live in the desert, are considered among the deadliest scorpions in the world, CNN reported.

Without proper treatment following a sting, an individual may die within an hour, the outlet reported.

According to Egypt’s state-run newspaper, al-Ahram, hundreds of individuals who were hospitalized from scorpion-related injuries and stings are receiving anti-venom medication. Local officials have reportedly provided extra dosages of the medication in villages near Aswan. (RELATED: Maryland Woman Opens Bag Of Spinach, Finds Live Scorpion Live Inside [VIDEO])

Egypt’s Acting Health Minister Khalid Abdel-Ghafar said no deaths were recorded as a result of the scorpion stings. However, at least three people have died due to the extreme weather and flash floods, according to CNN.

Doctors working in COVID-19 vaccination centers were diverted to treat the various scorpion stings, Business Insider reported. The extreme weather in Aswan reportedly damaged roads, demolished homes  and even closed down a school Sunday.