Rittenhouse Trial Jury Leaves For The Night As Protest Grows Outside


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Tensions are rising outside the Kenosha, Wisconsin, courthouse where jurors deliberated final verdicts in the case against Kyle Rittenhouse, with several protesters clashing with counter-protesters.

The jurors left for the night Tuesday without reaching a verdict, and will reconvene Wednesday at 9 a.m.

One man who brought his dog and a megaphone was caught on video appearing to chant “Black Lives Matter for pedophiles,” according to a video posted to Twitter by Rebecca Brannon. Joseph Rosenbaum, the man Kyle Rittenhouse is charged with killing, was a convicted pedophile.


As the unidentified individual chants, a pro-Black Lives Matter protester appears to smack the megaphone out of the man’s hand before retreating. The same counter-protest was seen in earlier videos chanting that Black Lives Matter is a terrorist organization. (RELATED: Judge ‘Treating Kyle Rittenhouse As If He’s His Grandson,’ Don Lemon Argues)

Another individual with a megaphone asked protesters, “How many cars are you gonna fuck up tonight?”

Meanwhile, several “patriots counter protesters” showed up decked out in American-flag gear and have also clashed with Black Lives Matter protesters, according to Brannon’s video.

“We don’t know what Black Lives Matter means,” one protester, who said she and others were there screaming for “Anthony and Jojo,” said. Anthony Huber was the second person fatally shot by Rittenhouse. It appears the protester was trying to differentiate the scene from a Black Lives Matter protest versus a protest for a satisfactory verdict in the case against Rittenhouse for Rosenbaum and Huber’s deaths.

Despite the woman’s insistence that she and others are there for “Anthony and Jojo,” several protesters are donned in Black Lives Matter gear.