Scottsdale School Board Member Linked To Parent Dossier Removed From Position As Board President

Photo provided by Amy Carney

Chrissy Clark Education Reporter
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A board member in the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) was removed from his position as board president after parents uncovered an online “dossier,” which included personal pictures, a divorce proceeding, and financial records of parents in the district.

SUSD’s governing board held a special meeting Nov. 15 to address a dossier and the role that school board member Jann-Michael Greenburg allegedly played in its creation. Greenburg is accused of reviewing and accessing the dossier, and his father, Mark Greenburg, has been accused of creating and maintaining it.

During the governing board meeting, Greenburg said that people reacted “hastily” towards the dossier and urged his fellow board members not to remove him from his post until an investigation was complete. Greenburg alleges that “bad actors” appear to be “involved” in the situation, according to a video of the meeting.

Board member Libby Hart-Wells called for Greenburg to be removed from his post as board president. The board voted 4-1 to remove Greenburg.

Board member Patty Beckman was nominated to be the SUSD board president for the remainder of Greenburg’s term, which is set to expire in January. Beckman called Greenburg’s alleged actions “incredibly disappointing.” (RELATED: Scottsdale School Board Member Publicized Parents’ Social Security Numbers, Divorce Proceedings, Financial Records In Effort To Track Outspoken Parents)

SUSD released a statement Nov. 12 promising to hire a forensic investigator to “determine if any school resources were used to compile, access or modify the private dossier allegedly created and maintained in Google drive folder by Mark Greenburg, the father of SUSD Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg, and shared by the latter.”

Kim Stafford, the mom who uncovered the dossier, told the Daily Caller that she’s happy that investigations have begun, though she’s worried about the integrity of the investigator hired by SUSD.

“I am concerned about the impartiality of that investigation given the superintendent allegedly used at least one screenshot from the Google drive in his own communication with a few parents,” Stafford said.

Parents continue to call for Greenburg’s resignation from the board.