Atlanta Police Officers Risk Their Lives To Rescue Man From Flaming Car Wreck


Kevin Harness Contributor
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Body cam footage released by the Atlanta Police Department (APD) shows two officers risking their lives to rescue a man from a flaming car wreck early morning on Sunday.

Officers M. Todd and W. Adams responded to a 9-1-1 call about a car fire, reportedly the result of a traffic crash, and passengers trapped inside the flaming wreck, according to a Facebook post released by the APD. (RELATED: Body Cam Footage Shows Police Rescuing Woman From Sinking Car)


Officers Todd and Adams arrived on the scene to see the flaming car and a man trapped on the driver’s side of the car, the post stated. According to the APD, the handle to the driver’s side door was missing, so there was no way to open the door to free the man.

The officers then proceeded to shatter the window, pulling the man through to safety, according to the post.

“The quick thinking, and bravery exhibited by Officer Adams and Officer Todd saved the occupant from a tragic outcome. The officers had no idea if that fire would result in an explosion which would put their lives in danger, instead they were focused on saving the driver,” the APD said. “These are the humble, yet heroic moments in an officer’s day, which never make media headlines. This is what they do 24/7. We could not be prouder of these two officers. Their response to this incident exemplifies our highest ideals and training.”

“We take this time to recognize Officer Adams and Officer Todd and to thank them for their proactive response to this dangerous incident and for reflecting positively on the badge and APD. This city is safer with these two heroes on patrol. Job well done,” the department added.