‘It’s A Spiritual Battle’: Trucker Bashes MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross After She Shamed His Industry

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Taylor Giles Contributor
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A truck driver bashed MSNBC host Tiffany Cross after she criticized the industry for employing mostly white men over 55 who allegedly have road rage.

Carl Tharp-Porter responded to Cross’s comments Tuesday night on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder, Tucker Carlson. (RELATED: MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross Shames Trucking Industry For Employing Too Many ‘Aggressive’ Trump Voters)

Cross said she interviewed truck drivers who allegedly experienced acts of racism while working. Her guest, a truck driving school owner, said that attracting more women to the industry is key to the success of the industry.

“There is a divide but it’s not on the issue of race,” Tharp-Porter said. “A lot of people are dealing with emotional issues here. It’s more of an accountability issue. It’s a spiritual battle and I think that it’s either right or wrong, good or evil.”

Tharp-Porter criticized Cross for focusing on the racial imbalance instead of real issues in the trucking industry like the gender gap, federal regulations, and wage issues. (RELATED: Republican Truck Driver Who Spent $153 On Campaign Unseats Top Democrat In Stunning Upset)

“Those are the true issues,” Tharp-Porter said. “I don’t want to deal with the invisible bogeyman like racism … we need to get over this imaginary thought of racism. To me, it doesn’t exist.”

“We are a family unit in the truck driving industry,” Tharp-Porter said. “We don’t want to deter young drivers like myself away from the industry because of other people’s fears and disbeliefs.”