Liberal Media Melted Down As Rittenhouse News Flooded In


Kevin Tober Contributor
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Liberal media pundits and commentators criticized the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial Friday, with one MSNBC guest host claiming that the acquittal made it “open season” for a “white nationalist” to shoot Black Lives Matter protesters.

Rittenhouse was found not guilty on all charges, including first degree reckless homicide. In the immediate aftermath, liberal commentators on Twitter and cable news networks such as CNN and MSNBC admonished the Wisconsin jury’s decision. (RELATED: Gutfeld: Rittenhouse Acquittal ‘Is A Loss’ For CNN, MSNBC And Stupid People)

MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” blogger Ja’han Jones wrote an opinion piece titled “Kyle Rittenhouse trial was designed to protect white conservatives who kill” and claimed that Rittenhouse “flashed a white supremacist symbol,” referring to an “OK” sign.

“Their [conservative’s] support for Rittenhouse isn’t a counterweight to progressive social policies like equitable policing — their support is a physical threat to people supporting those policies,” Jones wrote. “Conservatives are encouraging white vigilantes like Rittenhouse to police progressive spaces by all means.” (RELATED: Elected Democrats Cry Racism After Kyle Rittenhouse Is Found Not Guilty)

CNN legal analyst Charles Coleman Jr. also weighed in, saying that “consistent infantilization of Rittenhouse” contributed to Rittenhouse’s acquittal.


On MSNBC’s “The ReidOut,” guest host Jason Johnson claimed that the Rittenhouse acquittal made it “open season” for a “white nationalist” with an AR-15s to “open fire” on Black Lives Matter protesters.


The post-Rittenhouse acquittal meltdowns weren’t only isolated to left-wing commentators. Many prominent politicians also weighed in on the verdict. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio referred to the Rittenhouse verdict as “disgusting” in a Friday afternoon tweet. President Joe Biden said he accepts the outcome and jury’s decision while adding that he is still “angry.”